Thanks to Our Veterans

    It’s Veteran’s Day 2019 as I write this month’s blog. Let me begin by expressing my sincere and heartfelt thanks to all who have served our great country. I'd also like to thank their families.

    Some of my family members and friends are veterans. We are blessed that they all came home and without serious injury.

   Those of us who have never served will never understand what our veterans went through. War stories can’t possibly convey what the experience was truly like for those who lived it.

   We don’t know what it was like to be in a constant state of alert knowing that at any minute we might have to kill another human being in order to protect ourselves or our fellow soldiers. We will never understand the fear and tension of watching and waiting for the enemy to strike.

   We can only imagine how our veterans felt in the heat of battle. Bullets flying past, peppering the ground nearby and piercing their bodies. Explosions from grenades, RPGs, land mines, and IEDs sending shrapnel in all directions, killing and mangling. We have no idea what it was like to be wounded or to witness a brother or sister in arms die before our eyes.

   Most of us don’t know the worry while watching the news about battles taking place and wondering if our loved one was injured or killed. We don’t understand the dread of receiving news that our family members won’t be coming home. We don’t understand trying to comfort and explain to our young children that a parent has been wounded, captured, or killed.

   It does not matter if you agree or disagree with the reasons our veterans were called to serve. They served to protect us all.

   Take the time to thank the veterans and their families not just on Veterans Day but every day. Thank those you see in uniform as you go about your daily lives. We don’t know what those brave men and women have experienced or will experience protecting our freedoms.

   Remember that freedom is not free. We would not have the freedoms we enjoy here in the United States without the service and sacrifice of those who served.

   I can’t say this enough. Thank you, Veterans!