After the Writing is Done 


    As I write this month’s blog, I’ve just completed writing Coded for Murder. There’s still a lot of work to do before it can be released. Cover design, editing, formatting, uploading, and marketing. Whew! It makes me tired just thinking about it.

    I ordered the cover from my cover designer before the book was actually finished. Dave King has designed all of my covers and he designs most of the covers for Black Rose Writing. I highly recommend him if you’re looking for someone to create a cover for your book or any graphic art that you might need. He does great work and his prices are reasonable.

   The Coded for Murder manuscript is currently in the hands of my beta readers and my editor. The beta readers are people who are the first to see the manuscript after I’ve finished. They are my first line of feedback. I’ll make changes to the story before publishing based on their feedback.

   Choosing an editor can be a headache. Some charge by the word, some charge by the page, and some charge a flat rate. Who you chose as an editor will depend upon your budget. I’ve been lucky to work closely with English teachers who edit my work for a flat fee and a free book.

    I’ve had small issues with one editor and one reviewer. I hired a second editor for Flames of Wilbarger County. He did a good job but he was from another state. He didn’t understand some of the Texas phrases that are included in the book. The young reviewer didn’t understand some of the older sayings that were included Death under a Full Moon and felt they should be changed. Neither were serious issues but it’s something you might want to think about when choosing an editor.

    Once I’ve made all of the changes and edits that need to be made, the formatting begins. There are a lot of formatting programs out there. Most will work just fine for you. iBooks requires formatting with an Apple product.

    I wanted my books in as many markets as possible. That meant that uploading to iBooks was necessary. I chose to use the program Vellum so that I could format for all of my distributors and print versions as well.

    The initial cost was not pleasant because I had to purchase a MacBook and then buy the Vellum program. I’ve never owned a Mac before so I had to learn how to use it and the new software program.

    I have to say that Vellum is easy to use and there are free updates periodically that include some interesting features that I have yet to try. I can format and upload all versions of eBooks and the print book from one machine with only minor changes. It certainly beats learning and using multiple programs.

See the October 2019 post for the next chapter of

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