Decisions, Decisions


   My third book was almost finished. I had to decide how to publish it very soon.

   I had three choices. One option was to submit the new manuscript to my current publisher. Another choice would be to try to find an agent who would help me find a new publisher. Thirdly, I could self-publish.

   It would be easy to continue with my current publisher. I was under contract with them until November 2017. They’d take care of the printing, covers, and distribution. I wrote at my own pace and submitted the manuscripts when they were completed.

   I had learned a few things since signing with my publisher. I had a good idea of where some of the money I had invested with them went. I knew that what their marketing and promotion weren’t working for me. I also knew that I could earn more in royalties.

   Finding an agent to help me find a larger traditional publisher could have substantial benefits. A larger publisher would have the resources to get my books into a bigger market. They’d have proven marketing and promotional strategies. The printing, editing, cover design, and distribution would be in the publishers' hands.

   The drawbacks to finding an agent and a larger publisher were not to be taken lightly. I’d already spoken with an agent who liked my third book but thought it would be very difficult to find a publisher willing to publish a book mid-series. I had an idea for a stand-alone novel but I hadn’t even begun it yet.

   There was also the issue of low royalty percentages and deadlines that traditional publishers usually set.  My writing time was limited and I seriously doubted that I could meet deadlines.

   Self-publishing had a certain appeal. All decisions would be mine. I’d decide when a book would be released. It would be my choice about where, when, and how much money I spent. The possibility of forty to seventy percent in royalties was tempting.

   All responsibilities and expenses would also be mine. I’d have to find and pay for an editor, cover designer, and printing. Then distribution and promotion would be totally in my hands.

   My husband and I discussed all of the options. We considered all that I had learned and decided that a change had to be made if I were to see any improvement in my writing career. I didn’t have a stand-alone novel ready for an agent or publisher. The third book in the Wilbarger County Series was ready to be published. Self-publishing seemed to be the best option.