Plans for the 

New Year 


   After much thought and discussion with my husband, I’ve decided to discontinue writing a monthly blog. I’m not ending the blog but I am altering the frequency.

   Keeping up with a monthly blog and a monthly newsletter takes away from my book writing time. I’ll post blogs quarterly with an occasional post during the intervals if I feel compelled to do so.

   I plan to continue the monthly newsletter for the time being. You can subscribe to my newsletter using the link above.

   I’ll soon begin work on Book Four of the Wilbarger County Series. There will be characters that you are familiar with and some new ones. I don’t have a title for it as yet because the plotline is still in the planning stages.

   I’m often been asked if I make and use an outline when writing. The best answer I can give is yes and no. I find myself changing things too often to truly use an outline. I usually start with a murder scene and build the story around it.

   When writing Coded for Murder, I used an outline of sorts. I created a timeline based on the calendar of West Texas A & M University. Jade O’Neal’s midterms, finals, and holiday breaks coincided with the actual 2017-2018 WTAMU calendar.

   I’m not sure what tools I’ll use for the remainder of the Wilbarger County Series. I know that I’ll have to pay close attention to detail to keep the timing and storyline consistent.