Excitement Roller Coaster





   It was so exciting!  I would soon be a published author. All I had to do was begin working on my next book.

   Little did I know that my publishing education was about to begin.

It was no more than two weeks after signing the paperwork that I received an email from the publisher. That email detailed suggestions of things that I could do to help promote my book.

   I was somewhat familiar with social media. I used Facebook primarily to keep in contact with family and friends. I had a Pinterest account that I seldom opened. I also knew how to create and maintain a web page. I had been in charge of my school’s web page for years.

   I had absolutely no idea how to create a media or press kit. I’d never seen one and had no idea how to begin. And what on earth was a sell sheet?  

   There were other things that I had no idea that I’d be expected to do. Yes, I knew that I’d need to promote my work to some degree. I hadn’t expected that I’d need to do so much.

   The time that I had planned to devote to writing my next book now had to be spent setting up a web page, social media accounts, and learning.    

   I’ll have to admit that I was a bit overwhelmed and my excitement began to wane. That is until I received the proof of the cover of Death on Paradise Creek.  Somehow seeing that cover with my name and photo on it lifted my spirits and level of excitement again.











   My first book signing added to my excitement. It all felt real for the first time. It was in Vernon, Texas, my home town and the setting of my book.

Death on Paradise Creek full cover.jpg
vernon book signing.jpg

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