The Roller Coaster Ride Continues

   The ups and downs of being a new author

increased over the next three years. There were those

slow anticipatory rises to the top of hope and

excitement only to be followed by the heart-stopping

stomach clenching drops to the bottom of

disappointment and doubt.

   The peaks were great. I had some success at book signings. People that I saw in person had good things to say about my books. The online reviews were mostly positive. I don’t think I can possibly describe the feeling that I had when I received my first royalty check. I made a copy to frame and hang on the wall before cashing it.

   And then there were those valleys. The two lowest points in my writing career almost made me give it up. One of those happened in Denver, Colorado. Another author and I were to be guests for the evening. The venue was very nice. The staff was pleasant and helpful.     Unfortunately, their customers weren’t interested in our work. Not only did we not sell any books, no one would even look at us let alone talk to us. It's the only event in which I've participated that I didn't have a conversation with at least one person or sell at least one book.










Denver 2016

   The lowest point so far was when I received the lowest royalty check of my career. I had been attending book signings. I had been advertising on social media and other venues. I had paid for my publisher to advertise and display my books. I paid for a blog tour. I joined associations and entered book contests. After all that, $1.05 in royalties over six months was seriously disheartening.

   I had invested all that I could afford to make my books a success. I had nothing to show for it. There was no evidence of any sales as a result of my efforts or the efforts of my publisher.  I was operating at a considerable loss.

   My post teaching plan was for writing to be my second career. I never expected to get rich but I had expected to make some money when I signed with my publisher.  I’d be happy now to just break even.

   It was time to make some tough decisions.  I wasn’t ready to give up writing but it was obvious that something was going to have to change soon.

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My Indie Author Journey

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