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   I learned many things in the self-publishing class that I took two summers ago. One of those things was to branch out into as many markets as possible. An author doesn’t want to exclude any potential readers. The audiobook industry is one of the fastest-growing markets and it was an arena that I hadn't ventured into before self-publishing.

   Audiobook Creation Exchange, or ACX, is Amazon’s audiobook branch. The website has step-by-step directions to help authors create their audiobooks. It explains all the legal in and outs as well.

   There’s a lot of information about a book that goes on the ACX website. All of it is designed to help the author make the best choices and have the best sales.

   Everything is done through ACX. Authors log into their accounts to upload all things related to their books. They also download auditions and completed audio chapters for review. Communication with narrators is done through the ACX messaging system.

   The most daunting thing about the process for me was choosing the right excerpt from the book for auditions. The audition script needed to showcase the narrators’ abilities and give potential narrators an idea of what lay in store.

   Potential narrators needed to know what accent to use and the age range of the characters. A good narrator wouldn’t use the same voice for every character. Listeners should be able to distinguish between male and female or young and old characters.

   My husband and I listened to all of the auditions submitted for Death on Paradise Creek. We discussed them all but ultimately, we both chose Kimberly Tisor.

   I was so pleased with the narration of Death on Paradise Creek that I hired her for Death under a Full Moon. Kimberly will have the first option to narrate Flames of Wilbarger County and all of my subsequent books.

   Death on Paradise Creek was released as an audiobook on September 11, 2018, and Death under a Full Moon was released six months later on March 27, 2019. I’ve had some success with the audiobook sales. There have been months when the audiobooks were my only sales.

   I have to keep reminding myself that it takes time for readers to discover a new author. Those who give up after a few months or even a few years aren't likely to be successful. There’s no guarantee that all the work will pay off but it certainly won’t if you give up. The best thing any author can do is keep writing, keep publishing, keep marketing, and hope for the best.

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