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Dianne Smithwick-Braden  reserves the right to choose which reviews are posted in whole or in part. No reviews containing vulgar  or inappropriate language will be posted on this website.

     Death on Paradise Creek has a rich cast of characters, and Smithwick-Braden does an outstanding job of fleshing-out each of them. Readers think they have a pretty clear picture, and then the author throws in a detail that muddies what had seemed clear, which makes solving the whodunnit part of the story more difficult. 

     Sensitive readers need not worry about any unsavory elements, as there are maybe four swear words (mild), only implied sexual situations, and the violence is not graphic in any way. Death on Paradise Creek is light and lovely. 

Kristine Hall

     I love the journey this author takes me on during Death on Paradise Creek. I feel like I'm on the ride of my life and I never want to get off it. This was a well written story and it kept my attention throughout the whole book. I was very intrigued as to what was going to happen next. I was emotionally involved in the lead character, Lizzie Fletcher. This book was full of mystery, suspense, sadness and some humor. I would recommend this book to others for sure. I give this a 5 star rating.

Blogging For The Love Of Authors And Their Books's review

     Smithwick-Braden does a fine job in Death on Paradise Creek of portraying her characters as Texans without going hillbilly. She has an ear for dialogue, which helps flesh out the characters and makes them believable. I was eager to read on to see what happened next. Honestly, I think 3 separate (and interesting!) mystery novels could have come out of this single story, but I could see why so many different plot lines and twists were employed to keep the reader from guessing the truth. Or in my case, guessing the truth but doubting my gut feeling every few chapters. I look forward to reading the sequel!

Loreli Gonzales

     Smithwick-Braden has written a tight, twisting story that doesn't fall into worn cliches. I was surprised page after page with her clean prose and solid storytelling. If you like mysteries, you'll love Death on Paradise Creek. And, I wasn't able to guess the outcome which is always a sign of a good mystery for me.

Mark D. Williams

     Death Under A Full Moon is the second book in the Wilbarger County series. Sheriff Wade Adams and Lizzie Fletcher are happily in a relationship but it takes a dinner party in which one guest gets murdered a week later for them to change that due to Lizzie becoming his new part time deputy. With things strained between them and having a string of murders that happens on a full moon each month, it takes Lizzie overhearing a conversation to break the case for good. When everything is said and done, everyone is shocked over who did the killings and a couple is able to be together once again. 

     Thank You to Dianne Smithwick-Braden for making me interested in your books and I can't wait to see what is to come in the future! 


     Death under a Full Moon is a fantastic book. It's a Texas book written by a true Texan; Wilbarger county and its people represent a place where I could live, but what fictions of murder, deceit, and retribution this book weaves among such a timeless Texas setting! 

Lance Weis

     In Death under a Full Moon, author Dianne Smithwick-Braden returns readers to Wilbarger County, Texas where murder, mystery, and romance are in full swing again. This second book in the series works just fine as a stand-alone book, but knowing the background stories from book one, Death on Paradise Creek, definitely enriched the reading of book two. 

     Smithwick-Braden brings back her core characters, but plenty of new, colorful, and memorable ones are added-in to keep readers entertained and guessing about who is the murderer and what might be the motive – there are LOTS of possibilities for both.

     The author’s writing style is laid-back, easy to read, and natural, and special spellings allowed for readers to hear the Texas accents in some of the characters’ speech.

Kristine Hall

    I love getting the chance to play detective and guess who the next victim might be, who the killer is, and the motive behind the madeness. I might be a little sad when I'm proven wrong, which is seldom true, but I tend to enjoy the book, more when they completely blow me out of the water. I was happily wrong with who was behind the murders and the motive in Death under a Full Moon.
     The best part though was the rush at the end when a lead was finally discovered. You feel the anticipation as they try to make sense of it all and drive to figure out the connection. You then are running to catch the killer on the night you know they will attack again before yet another victim is claimed.

     I would recommend this story to anyone who loves a good suspense or mystery read. It has a hint of romance in the beginning with humor thrown in throughout.