Dianne Smithwick-Braden

Author of the Wilbarger County Mystery Series

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Death on Paradise Creek

Book One of the Wilbarger County Mystery Series

The Paradise Creek Inn is open for business in rural Wilbarger County Texas. Business is slow except for the occasional parties for family or friends, until a prestigious actor becomes stranded on the property. Suddenly Lizzie Fletcher and her family are booking events left and right -a dream come true. 

Things quickly change when one of the hired hands makes a gruesome discovery. Sheriff Wade Adams and his team are called to investigate. While evidence is being analyzed, another body turns up. The long kept secrets revolving around those discoveries begin to unravel.

Death under a Full Moon

Book Two of the Wilbarger County Mystery Series

This second installment of the Wilbarger County Series joins Sheriff Wade Adams and Lizzie Fletcher as they investigate murder. 

Wade and Lizzie attend a dinner party near the small community of Rayland, Texas. One week later, one of the guests is murdered. With his only female deputy out on maternity leave, Sheriff Adams makes a quick decision to deputize Lizzie. That decision proves to be good for the department but damaging to their relationship. 

The Sheriff and his deputies follow every possible lead to no avail. Lizzie happens to overhear a conversation that gives them the break they need. With little time to spare, Sheriff Adams and his team rush to prevent yet another death.